Relationship Coaching Kigali Rwanda

The best day to start working on your relationship was yesterday.

The next best day is today.

Can you relate?

  • You and your partner are having a tough time in your relationship?
  • Or has the stress been making it tough to connect with each other?
  • You are finding it hard to talk things out like you used to?
  • Do you both feel like you don't really know each other anymore?
  • Or are you not sure that the partner you chose is really the one for you?

Or is it a little bit of everything?

And at the same time you...

  • Want things to get better, go back to how they used to be
  • Seek clarity, support, and guidance... but in a way that's confidential, professional, and non-judgmental
  • Usually handle things on your own. But now feel like you need some extra help to move forward
  • You crave connection and love, and look forward to being close with your partner at home

...Then you are at

the right place!

Help4Love Relationship Coaching Kigali gets you the

tools to improve your relationship

and build a strong foundation

for a stress-free couple life.

Sometimes what it needs is a professional who helps you get un-stuck,

and see your situation from a bird's eye perspective.

Recognize and understand your own needs and desires in a relationship

Learn to express your needs to your partner

See through your communication patterns and traps

Learn about alternatives and how to use them

Settle frustrating issues that have been left unresolved

Understand which issues in your relationship are perpetual and look ahead

Get un-stuck

and make a fresh start together

Relationship Coaching in Kigali Rwanda

Couples Coaching Options

Pick the right format that suits your challenges. In-person in Kigali.


Receive support and and guidance based on your unique challenges and struggles.

Confidential, impartial, and structured.

Get the most out of your relationship coaching with an initial research-based assessment.


Pre-Martial Counseling preps your relationship for the next big step: Marriage! We will discuss your values, life goals, your compatability, how to address conflict and negativity in the future, and more. Also suitable for Newlyweds!


As a trained mediator, I help you to resolve disputes peacefully. In a structured process, you will discuss your positions, concerns, listen to each other, and find solutions together. It is a way to resolve conflicts fairly and positively.

Not sure what's right for you?

If you’re thinking this looks great,

but you are struggling to know if and what is the choice for you at the moment, let’s talk.

I’ll ask you a few questions and give you my honest opinion - no strings attached. I want to make sure you will actually benefit from my support – so let’s get this right! You’ll get to hear what I think which format is suitable, then you can decide.

Explanations and answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

What is relationship coaching? How is it different from couples therapy?

Relationship coaching is a professional intervention that focuses on developing skills for healthy communication and conflict resolution, and reigniting intimacy and connection between partners. As relationship coach I encourage clients to become more self-aware, understand their values and beliefs, and learn how to be open and honest with themselves and their partner. Coaching is about reflection, empowering people to find their own answers, skill-building and supporting clients in making important choices. I will support you in understanding your relationship dynamics and behaviour.

As relationship coach I underwent training and certification and continously following training by the Gottman Institute. My approach to relationship coaching is systematic and structured, and many interventions (exercises) are used both from coaches and therapists.

Couples therapy will only be offered by a licensed therapist who is trained in dealing with mental health issues and illnesses, trauma, addiction, domestic violence. A therapist might put more emphasis on your past to help you identify and work through trauma, family relations, or childhood wounds that influence your behaviour of today. There is a saying "Therapy is about archaeology, coaching is about architecture". While past experiences matter, they are not in the centre of our relationship coaching conversations. Lastly, a relationship coach will neither give you a diagnosis nor a treatment or some medicine, as coaches are experts and facilitators of processes.

How much does a session cost?
How many sessions will we need? How long will the process take?

The answer is: it depends.

How much you are committed and willing to invest timewise, if you "practice" outside of our coaching sessions, and how often we meet to work on your couple. Other factors are of course the complexity and severeity of the issue(s) you want to address. In the beginning I conduct a thorough assessment of your relationship challenges and strenghts that takes about 2 sessions. This will set the foundation for our work. After the assessment I recommend to book at least 3 sessions to see first results.

Which specific problems can you help us with?

My focus is on UNDERSTANDING and ANALYSING patterns of behaviour and REPLACING them with alternatives through hands-on exercises and research-based interventions.

Some Examples how I can help you:

✅ helping you understand why your relationship feels difficult and exhaustive;

✅ reflecting and improving your communication;

✅ understanding re-occuring perpetual problems / discussions;

✅ mediating a conflict that seems unsolvable

✅ making your relationship ready for the big move, so that you avoid the common traps many expat couples experience; and more.

🛑My services are not for you if your relationship problems root in mental disorders, addicitions, substance abuses, trauma, or the like.

Am I committed to work with you after our first session?

Absolutely not! After our first session, if you decide that my coaching is not for you, or you don't feel comfortable moving forward for any reason, you are not obligated to the coaching sessions or further payment.

Will you as a woman understand my perspective or just side with my wife?

During the training to become a relationship coach, priority is given to making sure that future coaches are unbiased and impartial when working with clients. We know that being biased towards one of the two clients will hamper the outcome of the coaching. I would be lying to say that in reality this is never challenging. However, I am confident to say that impartiality is one of my strengths, as I see couples as objects of research. I take an unbiased approach in my interactions, which includes refraining from taking sides when assessing the dynamics of a couple. Such an objectivity allows me to remain cognizant of all the contributing factors that may be influencing your interactions and communication patterns. By not taking sides I facilitate an environment of openness and trust, which is essential for any therapeutic intervention. If you are concerned that my coaching will be favouring your partner's perspective, I'd suggest we discuss this openly in our first meeting.

In which languages do you offer coaching?

My coaching sessions are in English or Dutch. As a German native speaker, I also offer sessions in German.

Why choose you?

I have an eye for the big picture and am systematic and efficient in the way I work.

I have a talent for recognizing patterns and pitfalls, that others either overlook or underestimate in their effect.

My clients describe me as direct and determined, authentic and warm.

I am an Expat myself and relocated with my intercultural family from Europe to Central Asia and Africa. Therefore I know the challenges that couples face before, during, and after they moved abroad.

Countless scientific studies have shown that the chemistry between coach and client is one of the most important factors for successful relationship coaching and positive changes in the couple.

That is why it is best to find out whether we are a good match for each other in a free 15-min call!

What is your professional background?

I am Wiebke Anton, I hold a PhD in political science (LMU Munich), certified relationship coach (BTB Bildungswerk für Therapeutische Berufe) and mediator (WINGS HS Wismar). I completed the advanced training courses of the Gottman Institute, which developed the integrated research-based couples therapy.

To this end, I have undergone various additional trainings, including the Gottman Method of Couple Therapy (Level 2), work with system boards and system constellations. I am part of a network of colleagues for regular supervision.

How will my life

improve after

Relationship Coaching?

🌱 More attention and respect for each other - Get to know your partner in a different way
🤝 Finding solutions that last and feel good for both of you
🌤️ More harmony – an end to pointless discussions
🚀 Get un-stuck and start a new chapter together
✨ Reignite the spark, feel seen and taken seriously
☮️ Argue with less frustration and tears

You have already taken the first step.

Take the second one.

Are you ready to improve your relationship?

Do you want to gain clarity and find a harmonious and respectful way of interacting with your partner?

Then relationship coaching is for you.

Your benefits

  • Proper intake assessment PLUS hands-on, directly applicable exercises
  • Research-based approach
  • Confidential
  • No judgement, impartial
  • Professional coaching by a certified Relationship Coach, PhD. and Mediator

If you're feeling stuck or distant, then don't wait to re-discover each other.

Invest in a private coaching session and make sure your relationship is the priority – it's time to start building your happily ever after!

My coaching services are the key to unlocking newfound intimacy and ease in your relationship.

Don't wait until the cracks become irreparable – take action now and start investing in your future as a couple!

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